Chapter 1. About this manual

Mitel has released this documentation to encourage development on the SME Server platform. This documentation, the code examples herein, and the SME Server itself, are released under free licenses. These licenses permit copying and modification under the terms of those licenses, and are reprinted in the front of this manual.

Note: for Mitel developers

Mitel also maintains a separate, commercial release of the platform, called Mitel Standard Linux which is the basis of the Mitel 6000 Managed Application Server. The Mitel Standard Linux release has additional features, such as Blades and interaction with the Mitel Applications Management Center, which are not documented in this guide.

Please contact the Platforms Development Team for the Mitel Standard Linux developers guide, which should be read in conjunction with this guide. Any issues with Mitel Standard Linux should be raised in Mitel's internal problem tracking system.