Chapter 5. Architecture overview

The SME Server consists of a simplified CentOS installation, together with a number of server applications, and a layer of software that manages those server applications. The management software presents users with a simplified user interface and automatically configures the server applications as necessary.

The applications are not recompiled or modified to work within the SME Server framework. Rather, the framework automates the tasks of an experienced system administrator, and configures each application in a sensible, standard way.

The SME Server framework has four components:

When a user configures an aspect of the server through one of the user interfaces, the SME Server automatically configures the server applications relevant to that change. The SME Server does so using these steps:

Figure 5-1. SME Server Architecture

So, to recap: here are the steps performed when a system parameter is changed in the user interface (the same steps are used both for the console and for the web-based manager):